Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloggers Vows

I was turned-on to a great blog, I suggest anyone interested in children's literature check it out. And I hope this is an appropriate thing to do as I'm not sure of all the Do's and Don't of polite blogging. On this site the author, Kara Schaff Dean, renewed her blogging vows and gave some great advice that applies to all of us to blog. I know I've make mistakes as a novice, but my goal is really to share how we can reform education and make the world better place. My ideas are not new, I've have many awesome mentors over the years. I do think I have learned over 30 years as a classroom teacher how to apply innovated educational concepts/philosophies to empower children to be leaders and make a difference.  I hope you continue to read my blog and I know as time progresses and I learn how to use all the new technology my site will visually improve. I just wanted to get started as I miss students and teaching so... much! Please leave comments or suggestions how I can improve my blog. Thank You! :)

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